If you're a self-service junkie don't use us.

But if you’re the sort of person who prefers a barista to a push button coffee machine, if you get Uber Eats to deliver instead of picking up your own pizza and if you’d speed dial your beautician before you’d wax your own eyebrows, then we should talk

We help busy businesses with their recruitment advertising.

Sure, you can place your own job ads. But why would you? You're busy, recruitment isn't the only thing you have to worry about, and let’s be frank, if it isn't your day job, you probably aren't an expert at it.

We are.

We know that it's about quality of applicants, not just quantity. We know how to write a great job ad and where to place it. We have no allegiances to any media so are able to offer an independent view. We give our customers simplicity, clarity and brutal honesty (when necessary).

We're about personal service, not self-service.

If you want a satisfying latte, go to a good coffee shop. If you want a real live expert to help you attract talent, call Big Splash.

How it works

We specialise in targeting both active

and passive job seekers, vastly increasing your talent pool.

Recruitment advertising is evolving beyond job boards being the primary source of candidates. Job boards only reach job seekers who are actively seeking roles. In today’s competitive talent market it’s incredibly important to proactively target both “active” and “passive” candidates - individuals who aren't necessarily seeking a job, but are open to new opportunities.

We work with you to build an accurate persona of your ideal candidate, then using our media know how and digital technology, we are able to accurately target those people, whether they are actively searching for a new role or not. This widens your access to a vast talent pool.

Recruitment Analytics Report - 2018

With a ratio of approximately 3:1 job vacancies for every job seeker as at November 2017, now is statistically the easiest time to find a job in Australia since 2012. In our Analytics Report, find out what worked, what didn't and how the smart money will be looking for talent in 2018.


We work with leading companies throughout Australasia