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30 June

Job Seeker Traffic Update 2017

The most common question we hear from our clients in both countries is ‘where should we advertise?'

Typically they say that traditional job boards such as Seek are not delivering quality candidates anymore and they are looking for new, more effective options.  As all successful recruitment campaigns start with some form of great advertising, that’s an excellent question!

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It’s no secret that social media has become instrumental in the battle for great talent.   Delivering 13% of candidates to our Australian clients in the first half of 2017 (and 9% in NZ), Facebook’s media traffic result reflects the importance of paid social media as a recruitment strategy. Social media is an effective recruitment channel because it harnesses the power of people’s social networks to magnify the reach of your advertising.  Tools such as video to enable more engagement with potential candidates are being embraced by our clients. 

The growing importance of search optimisation in employment advertising was something we commented on in our 2016 Recruitment Advertising Report and this year we have included Google traffic in our media statistics.  

Changing search behaviour is an important consideration for advertisers.  Job seekers are not going directly to a preferred job board anymore; rather, they are entering the location and the  job they want into a search engine. For this reason, it’s important to have a multi-pronged approach, where search engines have multiple opportunities to find your job vacancy and serve it up in response to a search query.

The impending launch of Google Jobs will further drive this behaviour. Google Jobs will enable job hunters to search for jobs (on the Google search results page) across virtually all of the major online job boards. Google will also include job listings it finds on a company’s homepage which means understanding SEO and key words will be as important for Hiring Managers as it is for marketers.

28% of Australian candidates and 29% from NZ have come via Google so far in 2017 through our network of sites.

Our client base has found that when it comes to vacancy pages, Indeed ranks the highest, delivering 42% of visitors in both countries.   With indexed ads ‘scraped’ from other media and a sophisticated search algorithm that responds to key word job searches, Indeed delivers both active and passive candidates.

Seek has been declining over the past year through our network of sites, down to just 4%  in AU and 3% in NZ by the end of June. There are a few reasons we believe Seek is losing favour with advertisers. Firstly, with rates going up again on 1 July, making them the most expensive job board in each respective country, savvy advertisers are questioning why they would pay for an ad on Seek, when they could advertise more cost effectively on other sites and have their ad ‘scraped’ to Jora (which is 100% owned by Seek anyway) or Indeed for free.  

Secondly, Seek is the only large job board to have placed costs and restrictions on smaller advertisers who want to ‘link out’ to a careers page or ATS system.  This limits employers who want to easily compare applications by source, time to hire, or run a talent pool that draws from multiple sources.  

It is worth noting that in many regions and industries, print media and specialist sites are still relevant.  That’s why it’s important to keep an open mind and get the right advice from your advertising agency about the correct mix of media to use for optimal results.

Finally, ‘direct traffic’ to client websites; that being where a candidate arrives at your website not by clicking an advert, but by typing an address directly into their browser, represents 38% of candidate traffic to our Australian clients’ websites and 37% in NZ.  This reinforces the importance of a memorable print advert that’s well targeted and designed, as well as the importance of a strong employer brand.

Big Splash is a specialist recruitment advertising agency that works with over 900 media and transacts with hundreds of hiring managers every week.  If you want more effective job adverts, contact us today. 

Download the Job Seeker Traffic 2017 eBook here

Job Seeker Traffic Update 2017